9th – 11th August, 2024
The Arena Sports Club, 140 Rookwood Road, Yagoona

About Us

We are the oldest Cymbidium club in Australia, and formed in the early 1980’s. The club meetings are held at the Allan G Ezzy Community Centre, 1 Newport St Pemulwuy on the 2nd Thursday of the month from March-November. All visitors are most welcome.

Incorporation Profile 
Established: Early 1980’s, being the first single genera to be affiliated with The Orchid Society of New South Wales.
Postal Address: 51 Chamberlain Road, Padstow Heights NSW 2211
Current Membership: 120 Members, all active members within club.
President: Dr Geoff Le Marne
Vice President: Mr George Serhan
Contact, Secretary & Treasurer:  Mrs Judith Brooks
Committee: David Brooks, Andy Gatt, Bill Goodridge, Seong Tay and Nat Cicciari

Join the Cymbidium Club

Print the Renewal and Membership Form and post, with your accompanying payment, either Cheque or Money Order, made payable to the Cymbidium Club of Australia to:
Cymbidium Club of Australia
51 Chamberlain Road
Padstow Heights NSW 2211

When you join the Cymbidium Club of Australia you will receive a free 230 gm bucket of Neutrog Strike Back for Orchids, so fill in the Renewal and Membership Form and mail to the Secretary before the meeting.

Newsletters & General News Items

Each month a copy of Cymbidium News is produced with information of the upcoming meeting and events happening in the orchid world. Your newsletter will either be emailed to you or posted. Below are the newsletters for 2024:

Point Score Competition

All exhibits need to be on the bench in their appropriate class 10 minutes before the start of the meeting.
A clearly printed benching label with the correct name of the plant, the class it is to be judged in and the owners name is to be placed with the plant/bloom. ( Benching Cards blanks.)
For those members with a computer, a sheet with benching labels for the monthly meetings has been included with the bulletin so you can print and fill out your own, prior to the meeting.
If you are unsure in which class to place your plant, ask one of the judges.
The general benching classes at all meetings (including the Winter and Spring show) will be as follows.

Showbench Competition

  • Standard (< 100mm)
  • Small Standard (85-100mm)
  • Intermediate (60-85mm)
  • Miniature (35-60mm)
  • Ultra Miniature (<35mm)
  • Species
  • Pendulous (all sizes – Winter and Spring Shows only)*
  • Single Blooms- Std/Small Std/Int./Min./

* At monthly meetings, Pendulous plants are to benched in the appropriate size class

Seedling Competition

  • Standard
  • Small Standard
  • Intermediate
  • Miniature
  • Ultra Miniature

The Committee/ Judging panel may amend this as required.

The Winter Members’ Show will be held at the July meeting, the Spring Members’ Show at the September meeting, with the Extravaganza at The Arena Sports Club, Rookwood Rd, Yagoona in August.

General Rules

  1. To accrue points or receive prizes from benching at monthly meetings, members need to be financial and to record their name and number of blooms/plants benched on the record sheet beside the blooms display.
  2. All exhibits, including single blooms, must be owned by the exhibitor for a minimum of six (6) months before benching.
  3. All plants are to be in show condition (ie. dead leaves, bulb sheaths etc removed) and free from disease, otherwise they may not be judged.
  4. Blooms should be presented undamaged/unmarked. Damaged blooms may not be considered at the judging panels discretion.
  5. A seedling is a plant shown for the first time and must be the whole undivided plant and can only be accepted up to a pot size of 200 mm.
  6. Plants are only eligible to be judged as a seedling during their first season of exhibition.
  7. If a single bloom is from a seedling, then entering it in the single bloom competition does not prevent it being entered in the Seedling of the Month/Year competition in subsequent years.
  8. All classes will be judged for 1st, 2nd and 3rd places.
  9. All plants benched will receive 1 point towards the Annual Point Score competition, with no limit on the number of plants an exhibitor can bench each month.
  10. Points will be awarded for single blooms towards the Annual Point Score competition at 0.5 points per bloom, to a maximum of 12 points per exhibitor per month.
  11. Members may only exhibit one flower from a particular clone, but may exhibit other flowers from the same grex. (one flower from each of Dural Dream ‘Dural’, ‘Supreme’ and ‘Picture’ for example)
  12. Points will be awarded for Class places, as follows:
  • Pot Plants
    Each pot plant benched will receive 1 point plus placings
    1st place 3 points
    2nd place 2 points
    3rd place 1 point
    Champion pot plants will receive 3 points
  • Blooms
    Each bloom benched will receive 1 point plus placings
    1st place 1½ points
    2nd place 1 point
    3rd place ½ point
    Champion bloom will receive 1 point
  1. Prize money for places in the Showbench and Seedling classes will be paid at 1st $3.00; 2nd $2.00; 3rd $1.00. Prize money in the Single Bloom classes will be paid at: 1st $1.50; 2nd $1.00; 3rd 50c. These prize monies will be cumulative and paid at the end of the year.
  2. In addition, the overall Seedling of the month will receive $50 at the meeting, provided there is a minimum of 10 plants across at least three of the seedling classes.

Cym. Mary Green ‘Showgirl’

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